Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain forest Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier

glass painting, Rainforest Exotics, includes irons, electrical, chain and canopy
Reverse Painted Glass Chandelier Lamps can be purchased from the artist, Jenny Floravita

This reverse painted glass chandelier was a total pleasure to create! I really enjoy painting the pieces that have different colors going around the bowl. I experiment with different color combinations so each piece is unique.

This is a particularly exciting week because our pond will finally be one step closer to completion. We're having the rock waterfall created by a professional, who is known for large water installations. I'm so excited because my backyard has been in the works for years, with my husband Patrick toiling many long hours and days to create our tropical paridise.

Thank you for looking at one of my newest reverse glass painted chandeliers!

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