Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come visit me at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Artist Jenny Floravita working in her studio on a 36" custom commission. Each hand painted glass chandelier includes irons, electrical, chain and canopy.

Floravita's Painted Illuminated-Glass Chandeliers to be at San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
Jenny Floravita loves painting on glass because of the expressive feeling that she is able to infuse into every flower petal, every leaf, bird and accent through her brush strokes. Flowers are an inspiration in her work and Floravita paints both tropical flowers and wildflowers in her glass chandeliers and paintings. Floravita often refers to her chandeliers as her 'illuminated painted glass gardens'. She uses her hand slumped glass as her canvas and the resulting illuminated paintings are like a glimpse into another world.

Born in the Bay Area, Jenny Floravita has been a painter all of her life. Her career in fine art really blossomed after 2000 when she decided to take a leap of faith and switch from graphic design to pursue her fine art. Floravita began her career in fine art as a watercolor painter. Life as an artist is a constant transition and through the years she has gone back and forth between oils and watercolors, painting both flowers and island scenes. She has been creating custom glass painted chandeliers for three years. The chandeliers compliment her exotic flower and island landscape paintings well.

Jenny Floravita's chandeliers and paintings are inspired by exotic gardens from her travels through warm lands. The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is a perfect fit for her work as it brings flower and garden lovers from around the country to see amazing award winning gardens, prominent speakers and flower vendors.

Jenny Floravita's chandeliers start out as flat, architectural grade glass that is cut, slumped and then etched. Each chandelier is made by hand from the glass, to the irons. She wants people to realize that a tremendous amount of work goes into each chandelier as these are not simply fixtures from hardware stores. They are custom, hand-created works of art. Jenny can create just about any size chandelier as she works both smaller and large and she has shipped chandeliers successfully all over the country and beyond.

Her special painting technique in which flowers and leaves look as if they will pop right out of the glass allows her to paint with the same freedom that she feels when exploring a deserted island beach or a hidden wildflower garden. There is an amazing 3 dimensional effect to her glass paintings that captivates viewers and makes them feel as if they have a blooming flower garden that is contained right in the glass canvas that is ready to burst out at any moment. Floravita wants you to know that, "Every time you look at my illuminated painted glass gardens, you will see something new"!

Jenny Floravita will be an exhibitor at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show at the San Mateo Event Center, March 24-28 and will be showing booth her custom painted glass chandeliers and her oil paintings. She is also proud to have one of her chandeliers in the main garden display. Look for one of her chandeliers in The Urban Oasis garden exhibit by Arthur Brito and Bryan Gordon. Meet the artist herself in Booth # 649. Preview her work at the below websites.




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Next show: San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, March 24-28, 2010 at the San Mateo Event Center, BOOTH # 649. More info here:

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Custom Hand Painted Glass Chandelier in Cabo San Lucas

38"" diameter, hand painted glass chandelier included irons, electrical, chain and canopy,
based loosely on Rainforest Melody, chandeliers can be purchased from the artist, Jenny Floravita

I wanted to share with you how these chandeliers look when installed. This beautiful home in Cabo San Lucas has a 20' vault and a large central living space. The clients needed a larger chandelier to go over the dining table that would provide elegant ambient lighting.

This commission was based loosely off of a recent 24" original painted chandelier titled, Rainforest Melody. I kept many of the elements the same, including background colors. That helps to transition a smaller chandelier to a larger size and still keep the same look and feel of another piece. We added more orange color and more orchids to further customize the chandelier.

As you move around this chandelier, you begin to see the many different sides of the glass painting. From this angle, you see the warmer tones and this also provides a nice contrast against the stunning aquas of the sea.


Upcoming Exhibit: San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, March 24-28, 2010 at the San Mateo Event Center, BOOTH # 649. More information about the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show can be found here:

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