Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peacock hand painted glass chandelier

"Peacock Mystery", a 24" diameter reverse hand painted glass chandelier that includes irons, electrical, chain and canopy. 24" in height plus chain length. Jenny Floravita's Hand Painted Chandeliers can be purchased through Jenny Floravita's website

I loved this glass chandelier painting and unfortunately I sold it before I had a good chance to get photographs. In fact, this piece sold slightly wet. There is a beautiful peacock at the top. This was a bird that I saw at a favorite garden on Kauai. They are such a majestic bird and I hear them calling on a nearby ranch on my evening walks. I paint the flowers that I observe in my travels and in my own garden. This is the time of year where my own tropical garden flourishes and we grow many of the flowers that I paint. My lotus flowers in the pond were blooming just two weeks ago.

This reverse hand painted glass chandelier has orchids, ginger, shell ginger, bird of paradise, hibiscus and more. I am always inspired by the flowers of the islands.

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