Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make custom lighting a priority in your home re-model

"Urban Paradise", a 24" diameter reverse hand painted glass chandelier that includes irons, electrical, chain and canopy. Jenny Floravita's Hand Painted Chandeliers can be purchased through Jenny Floravita's website

Too many times people consider custom lighting last on their wish list for their home re-model. Yet lighting is an incredibly important aspect of a home or business space. Lighting helps sets the ambiance and helps to define the space. When considering lighting, you should look at multiple light sources for a room depending on the function of the room and the mood that you wish to create.

My beautiful reverse painted glass chandeliers bring opulence into a room. They add bursts of color to an unexpected area and they help to make a room truly unique. And though this form of lighting does give off good light to dine by it is an ambient source. If you need a room to be really bright, you will want to have at least one other light source. Having multiple light sources in a room also gives you flexibility in changing the mood.

Lighting adds warmth and comfort to a room when done correctly. Lighting can also make a room feel very modern or formal. I cannot emphasize enough how much lighting effects the overall effect of a room.

Often I will meet people who fall in love with my hand painted chandeliers and lighting is the last consideration for their renovation project. Custom lighting does cost a little bit more but the quality will be superior. Make custom lighting a priority in your home re-model, not an afterthought.

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