Monday, June 1, 2009

Contemporary Glass Painted Chandelier

contemporary glass painting, Hibiscus Light detail, includes irons, electrical, chain and canopy
Reverse Painted Glass Chandeliers can be purchased from the artist, Jenny Floravita

So what does a fashion forward girl think of wearing steel toe shoes when she's doing iron work for her reverse painted glass chandeliers? Well, let me tell you it's not exactly a walk in the park when it's 90 degrees out!

My outfit when I bend iron and weld includes jeans (I bought my first pair of Wranglers just to bend), long sleeve 100% cotton shirts in black (the fabric is unfortunately thick), leather apron and of course, those elegant boots that I sport that look so cute on my husband. Trust me, when I'm finished, the first thing that comes off are the boots so that I can slip into my sandals!

The above piece is a detail from my painted glass chandelier, Hibiscus Light.

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